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Nutrition and is 10k steps necessary...

So its that time of the year when Nutrition in at the forefront of our minds, Christmas has passed, the parties have stopped and by now we should have cleared all that additional Christmas food out the house.

Over the following weeks I'm going to write these blogs, nice and simple and thats because Nutrition should be simple - we all after eat to live, right?... The link below is a free PDF document I have put together for you to have a read through and this is what I will be breaking down over coming weeks. Todays topic is 10K steps It's all I'm seeing on Instagram and hearing about at the gym. You could be using your time to a lot better!! Let's start with 10000k steps then...... This was never a researched experiment but a marketing campaign by a Japanese Pedometer manufacture in the 1960's and became a go to marker when fitness trackers such as FitBit came about again 10 years ago. Research has since been carried out on the benefits, and there is very little evidence that it helps with weight loss which is why a lot of people are trying to hit a step count. So if weight loss or better nutrition is the goal then what else could we be doing with your time.

  1. Prep your next days meals or snacks - use that hour to prepare well balanced meal. or small snacks.

  2. Weigh, measure and track your food using an app or food diary - This is only the real way of knowing what we are eating.

  3. Work on mobility - Not just for CrossFit but life in general, no one ever complained about having good mobility.

  4. Actually run - running with a lowered HR could be helping build a larger aerobic capacity by using Zone 2 training

  5. Stay back after class and work on skills, Double Unders, Pull-ups etc - Additional work does not need to be exhausting to see benefits.

  6. Lift some weights - Its widely known and very heavily researched thats lifting weights is not only better for our health (list is endless) but again... You never hear anyone complain about getting stronger or been too strong. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Go to bed earlier - Sleeping is bar far the biggest recovery aid we have and its free! you could be banking an extra 7 hours sleep a week if you are going out daily to hit a step goal. Thats pretty much another nights sleep.

I could go on but I think you get the point.... Homework for the week is to have a read of the document on the link and set a realistic goal, the goal could be in or out the gym but I bet when you pick one it will start with Nutrition....😀 Please let me know if you have any questions.

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