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So its that time of the year when Nutrition in at the forefront of our minds, Christmas has passed, the parties have stopped and by now we should have cleared all that additional Christmas food out the house.

Over the following weeks I'm going to write these blogs, nice and simple and thats because Nutrition should be simple - we all after eat to live, right?... The link below is a free PDF document I have put together for you to have a read through and this is what I will be breaking down over coming weeks. Todays topic is 10K steps It's all I'm seeing on Instagram and hearing about at the gym. You could be using your time to a lot better!! Let's start with 10000k steps then...... This was never a researched experiment but a marketing campaign by a Japanese Pedometer manufacture in the 1960's and became a go to marker when fitness trackers such as FitBit came about again 10 years ago. Research has since been carried out on the benefits, and there is very little evidence that it helps with weight loss which is why a lot of people are trying to hit a step count. So if weight loss or better nutrition is the goal then what else could we be doing with your time.

  1. Prep your next days meals or snacks - use that hour to prepare well balanced meal. or small snacks.

  2. Weigh, measure and track your food using an app or food diary - This is only the real way of knowing what we are eating.

  3. Work on mobility - Not just for CrossFit but life in general, no one ever complained about having good mobility.

  4. Actually run - running with a lowered HR could be helping build a larger aerobic capacity by using Zone 2 training

  5. Stay back after class and work on skills, Double Unders, Pull-ups etc - Additional work does not need to be exhausting to see benefits.

  6. Lift some weights - Its widely known and very heavily researched thats lifting weights is not only better for our health (list is endless) but again... You never hear anyone complain about getting stronger or been too strong. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Go to bed earlier - Sleeping is bar far the biggest recovery aid we have and its free! you could be banking an extra 7 hours sleep a week if you are going out daily to hit a step goal. Thats pretty much another nights sleep.

I could go on but I think you get the point.... Homework for the week is to have a read of the document on the link and set a realistic goal, the goal could be in or out the gym but I bet when you pick one it will start with Nutrition....😀 Please let me know if you have any questions.

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At CrossFit Hull and Humber we always want the best for our members and are on hand to offer support and guidance. However, this isn’t always possible during a busy class and we appreciate members are often short on time. A popular topic which we are often asked is about supplementation. It would be worth checking out the links below to give you the basics and if you need any further guidance be sure to grab a member of the team to point you in the right direction The best Supplements for CrossFit training.

When it comes to nutrition we always advise looking at your diet and food sources as your first priority however, sometimes you will need to supplement your diet with other products if you are unable to get the required amount of macros or nutrients from your diet. This is especially true if you’ve switched to a vegan / vegetarian diet where using products like Vitamin B12 would then become essential.

Trying to choose the best supplements isn’t always easy either. With so many choices available online and in stores we we’d let you know that we recommend ICON Nutrition for the best CrossFit Supplements and Vitamins (this is a brand we’ve used ourselves for years).

If you don’t know ICON already they’ve been one of the leading UK brands since 2012 and have been present at many of the UK’s biggest CrossFit throwdowns from The Rainhill Trials, European Championships (ex Battle of the Beasts) to many of the smaller more local ‘in house’ throwdowns.

If you want to get more familiar with the brand you can find them on both Instagram and Facebook using @iconnutrition. You’ll note this business is run by two Crossfitters who understand the physical demands of the sport so you can be assured that you will be getting supplements that are going to complement Crossfit and functional fitness.

When searching for what products to use, it comes down to your diet and own requirements in terms of what you would like to achieve. The Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl Protein is excellent if you’re looking to hit those protein macros and want fun doing so on the way.

Protein is proven to be safe and effective by multiple pieces of research based on scientific evidence and practical considerations. No doubt, it’s one of the best CrossFit supplements. ICON keep it simple they don’t offer 20 different variations of protein powder, instead they focus on 3 main areas:

Whey Protein Powder - for any time of day.

Hibernate Casein Protein - for night time (and can be consumed as a shake, mousse or hot chocolate!).

Recovery Protein Powder 2:1 Ratio (Carbs to protein) - perfect for straight after a workout or on competition days when you don’t feel like eating between workouts.

There are many other supplements that could aid you in your training, not just Protein Powder, depending on your goal (Enhanced Performance, Strength Development, Efficiency of Recovery, Improved Sleep Patterns etc) so instead of me going through them all here you i’d recommend reading ICON’s guide on the best supplements for CrossFit.

Looking to focus more on weightlifting, you can also check out their recommendation for the best weightlifting supplements too.


We encourage everyone to take care of their health and fitness by being active, recovering wisely, and choosing high-quality food and supplements to fuel your body with the best products! If you would like to discuss any of this further you can contact the ICON team on social media or don’t hesitate to ask one of your coaches when you are next at the box.

*Disclaimer - Please note ICON Nutrition is not affiliated to or endorsed by CrossFit Inc. Views of this blog are of our own opinion and love of the sport of CrossFit*

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We answer the most asked question..

When a new person enters our box, we ask them what they’ve heard about CrossFit. The popular answers are all about athletes competing, fighting for points, ripping their hands off, and lifting heavy barbells as a sprint. And, of course, flipping and hammering a tire.

An average CrossFit athlete has never done that as they were busy doing real CrossFit stuff at their box. So, what is the real CrossFit?

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. This is the prescription. It’s literally a unique attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the 10 fitness domains. They are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. In other words, we are trying to improve people’s competency at all physical tasks, at multiple, diverse, and randomized physical challenges.

So what will you be doing in our CrossFit box? Obviously, perform varied functional movements at high intensity while having fun. The movements prepare you for real-life – picking groceries or your child from the ground, putting a boat on top of your car, hiking to mountains, playing with your kids, running with a dog, standing on a surfboard, exploring new places – living a full life.

Squats, cleans, muscle-ups, burpees, rope climbs, snatches, push-ups, overhead squats, box jumps – all of these are transferable to everyday life and take it to a higher level. The variety prepares us for the unknown and the unknowable, so we are ready when the time to act comes, when we receive that call in the middle of the night when someone needs our help and fast reaction. CrossFit is designed for life and life is basically CrossFit.

Hull & Humber Team aims for longevity, our athletes are people of all ages who will rock at their 90-s, our current oldest member is 67 yrs old. No matter what your fitness level is, if you do CrossFit, you’ll be much fitter in 10 years.

And the community. Our community is everything, that’s what makes you move faster and not give up in the middle of the workout. The people you train with are not your competitors. You are trying to be the best you, not beat them. Our members are a family which decided to take control of the outcomes and their life, who believe that the way we train, eat and connect with each other is the key to a high-quality life.

CrossFit training is accessible for everyone and there is no minimum level of fitness required. The workouts are scaled for your needs so you work at your relatively high intensity and improve your movement technique.

Each movement can be modified for several levels. Our coaches make sure that every athlete gets the intended stimulus and adaptations. The movement pattern is always preserved. If an athlete cannot perform any of the workout as prescribed - the workout will be fully modified to their needs.

For example, before doing a squat snatch with a loaded barbell, you learn powerful hip extension through kettlebell swings. Then we learn to work from core to extremities by performing dumbbell snatches. Only after an athlete is capable of getting into a stable and comfortable overhead position with a bar, preserving sound mechanics, do we start mastering the squat snatch. In this way, our athletes learn while becoming stronger and proficient in complex movements.

The same is true for high intensity. Yes, most workouts are ‘For time’ or ‘AMRAPs’ and you should perform as many repetitions as possible as fast as possible. However, to get fitter and receive the desired adaptations, you just need to work at your own relative high intensity. It means that at the very beginning of your training, you will need to go a bit slower, increasing the intensity week by week. And it’s totally okay, so don’t be afraid that coaches will make you go full send every time.

We’ll be happy to see you at our place! Join us to receive future updates and become a part of the CrossFit Hull community!

If you have any questions please drop us a message -

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