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Getting started

The Fundamentals is your induction into CrossFit

The CrossFit Fundamentals is your in depth induction. We run you you through all the movements you would expect to find on a CrossFit class. We spread your induction across 4 sessions, each session you will be learning new movements and by the 4th session we put it all together and give you full class run through.

Our next available induction starts in the new year

Sessions are held at CrossFit Humber, Pryme St, HU10 6SH

Upon completing the two weeks induction you will then have 2 week free membership to see if CrossFit is for you. Once your induction month is complete you can then look into membership options that suit you. The Fundamentals month is a one off fee - £60.00.


Previous CrossFit Experience

 Do you have previous experience in CrossFit or weightlifting? If so you can skip the induction and get started straight away! Please email us directly to discuss selecting a membership to suit your requirements.  


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