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12 month CrossFit 

This is our best value Membership and gives you access to CrossFit Classed 6 days a week.. You can Check out our weekly Schedule HERE


3 month CrossFit 

This our flexible membership that the majority of members start on, 3 months is enough time to see if CrossFit is for you, you can then choose to upgrade or for the £5 extra a month use this rolling membership.


1 month CrossFit

This is our rolling month to month membership, ideal if you're in the area for a while and would like a short term membership. This is a rolling month to month option. 

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Drop in?

If you are visiting Hull and would like to drop in to one of our sessions we would love to have you. Classes are limited but are available daily. Postcodes below to help you find your nearest site.

CrossFit Hull - HU7 0YQ

CrossFit Humber - HU10 6SH

Crossfit Hull 7th June Photo-20_edited.jpg

All Access

This is for the more experienced CrossFitter and gives you a keypad access to use the gym outside of classes, plus the benefit of all our classes. You MUST have previous experience to buy this membership. Please drop us a message if you would like to buy this membership

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