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Frequently asked questions

Massage Therapists are Regulated Health Professionals

Massage Therapists have a professional license and are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, Our Professional Association is Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario, RMTs are Regulated Health Professionals that are part of the Regulated Health Professionals Act, 1991 and Massage Therapy Act, 1991.

Referral for treatment

Clients do not require a referral to come into the clinic for treatment, however extended health care insurance companies may require a referral from your family doctor to be reimbursed for your expenses for treatment. Clients need to contact their insurance company directly or their Human Resources department at their place of employment. Insurance companies will need to speak directly with the plan holder to provide the parameters of the policy.

What to expect during your Massage Therapy appointment

Every appointment has a treatment plan created for you by you and your therapist based on how you are feeling at the time of your appointment. Assessment, duration of treatment and different types of pressure and techniques to be applied during the treatment are all determined, prior to and during treatment. These factors will be based on the client's preference for pressure, comfort and informed consent. The treatment plan will be reassessed and adjusted as needed to be more beneficial.