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  • Do I need to be fit to start?
    NO! There is no fitness level required before you can start as that’s what we’re here for. All workouts can be modified to suit each individual’s fitness ability. We do this by taking simple steps such as reducing the intensity and load until you feel ready to push to the next level.
  • Will CrossFit & Weightlifting make me bulky?
    In short...No! In CrossFit we do not train to build muscle (Hypertrophy training). We train to be rounded in as many aspects of fitness as possible. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder run 5k? It's not pretty! Our aim is to let your body take its natural athletic shape through many aspects of training including running, rowing, skipping, weightlifting and so much more. You may have seen the "Games Athletes" on social media but what you need to remember is that these guys and girls who do this full time for a living. We do it to keep fit, healthy and active.
  • Can anyone join CrossFit?
    YES, and we mean absolutely anyone. We have members ranging from 14 to 60 with a range of different abilities. Coaches will modify workouts to suit each member allowing them to get fit and strong in a safe manner.
  • How much is CrossFit?
    Class memberships start at £65 a month (12 month membership) and varies depending on your needs. Our basic class membership covers all classes (CrossFit and Bootcamp). On top of this you can add "bolt-ons" such as nutrition, capacity building and open gym access. Options are available on the Membership page
  • How many classes a week do you run?
    We run over 35 classes a week at each site, more than 90% of the gyms in Hull! Click on the "Time Table" in the header to view each sites live timetable
  • Is it easy to get on a class or do they fill up?
    Honestly yes. Some classes fill to a maximum capacity however, if you book on 24hrs prior you shouldn't have any issues. As our membership numbers increase we are adding further classes to give members more options and greater value for their money.
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