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Our Story

Where it all started


Our story goes back more than 20 years, first as friends, then as business partners.

Owners and coaches (Liam and Pete) started training together on the school field at Winifred Holtby when they played under 13’s rugby.

They carried on training together after the rugby stopped in your conventional gyms. Training consisted of varied workouts including body building but they both had an underlying interest in fitness that went beyond the standard weightlifting and cardio practices. 

When Pete bought his first house he found his neighbour throwing kettlebells around in his back garden. A quick conversation with Tony lead to Liam and Pete heading to a double glazing manufacturers where his neighbours had set up what was fondly known as ‘The Pain Cave". Tony and Trev were the original mixed martial arts crew. They dabbled in everything from Wing Chun, Ju Jitsu to Muay Thai, but more interesting for Liam and Pete was the conditioning they did as neither of them could throw a decent punch let alone take one! As the training commenced initially Tony would lead the session and we soon found out that we were doing the basic fundamentals of CrossFit. Needless to say after all this training we were pretty fit!

In 2011 Liam set off travelling with his wife (one of the Laura's)! Whilst travelling training was still a huge part of Liam’s life. Training included predominantly Muay Thai and body building. After an inspiring chat with Beau Wood trying to explain what type of training was carried out at “The Pain Cave” he said "you need CrossFit!” That’s how the dream started. After a few sessions Liam was already ringing and messaging Pete with various workouts and telling him what websites to follow. Pete was equally enthusiastic!

Fast forward a couple of years and along came CrossFit Hull but Liam & Pete were just members at this point. The desire to coach and eventually own his own club lead Liam with the drive from his wife to set up CrossFit Humber in 2015. Both Liam and Pete were coaching at CrossFit Humber when a random message came from the owners of CrossFit Hull asking if they wanted to take over their business. Liam and Pete along with their wives, without hesitation took over the Hull business.

With the work load increasing "The Lauras" got involved! Laura Stubbins is now a Coach and heads up the Bootcamp programme. This was a natural move for Laura after she fell in love with the sport after having her second child and 5 knee operations later, Lauras love for Netball had to stop. Laura Cheesman is is the number cruncher, always keeping the guys on track with the bigger picture, the business goals and pushing the team in the right direction.

Now the team runs two highly successful CrossFit gyms in Hull, Sutton Fields and Anlaby. Still always looking for a challenge Liam and Pete train on average 5 times a week and are always striving to be a little bit better and inspire their members. As of this day, the biggest and best highlight for both owners is seeing members progress, hitting goals that they never thought they’d be able to achieve.

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