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Can anyone do CrossFit??

We answer the most asked question..

When a new person enters our box, we ask them what they’ve heard about CrossFit. The popular answers are all about athletes competing, fighting for points, ripping their hands off, and lifting heavy barbells as a sprint. And, of course, flipping and hammering a tire.

An average CrossFit athlete has never done that as they were busy doing real CrossFit stuff at their box. So, what is the real CrossFit?

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. This is the prescription. It’s literally a unique attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the 10 fitness domains. They are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. In other words, we are trying to improve people’s competency at all physical tasks, at multiple, diverse, and randomized physical challenges.

So what will you be doing in our CrossFit box? Obviously, perform varied functional movements at high intensity while having fun. The movements prepare you for real-life – picking groceries or your child from the ground, putting a boat on top of your car, hiking to mountains, playing with your kids, running with a dog, standing on a surfboard, exploring new places – living a full life.

Squats, cleans, muscle-ups, burpees, rope climbs, snatches, push-ups, overhead squats, box jumps – all of these are transferable to everyday life and take it to a higher level. The variety prepares us for the unknown and the unknowable, so we are ready when the time to act comes, when we receive that call in the middle of the night when someone needs our help and fast reaction. CrossFit is designed for life and life is basically CrossFit.

Hull & Humber Team aims for longevity, our athletes are people of all ages who will rock at their 90-s, our current oldest member is 67 yrs old. No matter what your fitness level is, if you do CrossFit, you’ll be much fitter in 10 years.

And the community. Our community is everything, that’s what makes you move faster and not give up in the middle of the workout. The people you train with are not your competitors. You are trying to be the best you, not beat them. Our members are a family which decided to take control of the outcomes and their life, who believe that the way we train, eat and connect with each other is the key to a high-quality life.

CrossFit training is accessible for everyone and there is no minimum level of fitness required. The workouts are scaled for your needs so you work at your relatively high intensity and improve your movement technique.

Each movement can be modified for several levels. Our coaches make sure that every athlete gets the intended stimulus and adaptations. The movement pattern is always preserved. If an athlete cannot perform any of the workout as prescribed - the workout will be fully modified to their needs.

For example, before doing a squat snatch with a loaded barbell, you learn powerful hip extension through kettlebell swings. Then we learn to work from core to extremities by performing dumbbell snatches. Only after an athlete is capable of getting into a stable and comfortable overhead position with a bar, preserving sound mechanics, do we start mastering the squat snatch. In this way, our athletes learn while becoming stronger and proficient in complex movements.

The same is true for high intensity. Yes, most workouts are ‘For time’ or ‘AMRAPs’ and you should perform as many repetitions as possible as fast as possible. However, to get fitter and receive the desired adaptations, you just need to work at your own relative high intensity. It means that at the very beginning of your training, you will need to go a bit slower, increasing the intensity week by week. And it’s totally okay, so don’t be afraid that coaches will make you go full send every time.

We’ll be happy to see you at our place! Join us to receive future updates and become a part of the CrossFit Hull community!

If you have any questions please drop us a message -

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