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The Gymnastics Series

We have put together a series of videos and rep ranges that we know will help you achieve the goals you are working towards.

We have had a lot of requests for a Gymnastics class. The truth is, it just wouldn't work with all members trying to work towards their own goal. Especially those trying to get their first strict pull up, you couldn't spend an hour doing these drills over and over again

Our plan to tackle your request is the progression videos we have made.

When you start to work on these progressions please don't jump ahead. start at the basics, master them and you WILL see the benefits. All you need is 10 mins to do this before or after a class, we have Pull Up bars in the open gym.

The order to work these is below -

-Strict Pull Up - 3 to 5 reps before moving on

-Kipping Pull Ups 3x10

-Kipping Chest to Bar 3x5

-Bar Muscle Ups

-Ring Muscle Ups

(you can move on to butterfly before MUs, this is the kipping progression order)

-Butterfly Pull Ups 3x10

-Butterfly Chest to Bar

If you have any questions please see any of the coaches.

Team Hull & Humber

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