Wednesday 01st April 2020 - Home WOD

#crossfit #homewod #wod #keepgoing #stayfit #supportyourbox A. 30 jumping lunges B. 20 cossack squats C. 20 burpees D. 20 tuck jumps E. 25 hollow rocks F. 15 reverse burpees G. 25 press ups H. 20 burpees I. 100 Dus (200 singles) J. 20 walk outs K. 20 cossack squats L. 20 walk outs M. 15 reverse burpee N. 100 DUs (200 singles) O. 20 close grip press ups P. 15 reverse burpee Q. 20 tuck jumps R. 30 jumping lunges S. 25 air squats T. 25 press ups U. 100 DUs (200 singles) V. 20 close grip press ups W. 25 hollow rocks X. 25 press ups Y. 20 cossack squats Z. 100 DUs (200 singles)

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