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Where are my ears....

So after yesterdays video (my first video post) I was messaged, a lot, by concerning members....Where have your ears gone??

The answer is quite simple - Iv got a funny shaped head that I have been hiding from you all by wearing hats and standing to one side when doing class briefs for years!! ;-)

Jokes aside I wanted to write this post to say a massive THANK YOU to all our members, past and present. We have had a lot of good luck and thanks yous and you guys won't understand how much this means to all the team!

Fingers crossed we will be out of this crazy lockdown as soon as possible and one thing we can promise to you all - We will be raring to go!! One bonus in this situation is that we can reset and look at how we deliver everything to our members, from emails to coached classes and try to improve in anyway possible!! You never know a zoom virtual class maybe a permanent feature in the timetable.

As I mentioned in my video yesterday, we will be sending every members a Nutrition pack, this will have calories calcs, nutrition guides etc! For those who are working from home, you really don't have any excuse with your nutrition. Nutrition is usually the hardest part for people when in fact it should be easy. We all need to eat to survive so why not eat right??!!

P.S - I had pizza last night so I am not trying to preach :-)

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