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Butterfly Pull Up progression

Butterfly Pull ups

The next pulling movement and the most efficient Pull Up movement, it's a fast movement so no need to rush. PLEASE master the Kipping movements before you tackle these Butterfly Pull Ups.

We use Butterfly Pull ups to be even more efficient and to allow us to move with pace & intensity through workouts. If you are looking to build strength in the pull, same rule will always apply - stick with Strict Pull ups.

The most important part of the Butterfly is the positioning of the Hollow and Arch as with the Kipping Pull Up, it's just in a different sequence, you should always fight to keep these two positions. Film yourself and compare to this video.

How often and when -

We recommend that you work through the progressions as they are laid out in this video. Move on when your video look like Liam. Yes, this might take time but will help you out in the long run. We hear "you make that look easy" that's because we practice and demo these good movement patterns over and over again.

If you have any questions, please give Liam, Pete or Laura a shout.

Team Hull & Humber

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