Nike Metcon 1 Updating Review

Athletes and Coaches wearing the Nike Metcon

Whilst trying to make a decision on whether to bite the bullet and buy a pair of the new Nike Metcon, I was looking around the web for a few reviews. Unfortunately there wasn’t much out there to help me with my decision.

So to hopefully help a few more people out, myself with a few other coaches and athletes at the box who were lucky enough to get a pair. Are all going to give our opinions on the new Nike Metcon so instead of just having one view you have a few, which should help you make a more informed decision.

The athletes and coaches who will be helping with the review and a little bit about them:

Name: Stephen Sizer
Role: Coach / Athlete
Training Volume: Rows 3 days a week, Lifting / Metcon once a week
Current Trainers (size): Nano 4.0 (8)

Name: Daniel Bloom
Role: Athlete
Training Volume: twice a day 5-6 days a week
Current Trainers (size): Nano 2.0 / Nano 4.0 (9)

Name: Matthew Sleight
Role: Athlete
Training Volume: twice a day 5-6 days a week
Current Trainers (size): Nano 4.0 (8)

Name: Paul Sizer
Role: New Dad / Coach / Athlete on weekends!
Training Volume: Once in a blue moon!
Current Trainers (size): Nano 4.0 (8)

03/02/15 Nike Metcon – First Impressions, Fit Comparison

Stephen Sizer

I love the look of the Metcon’s as they are so different to the nano 4.0’s. They are very well made and the shoe really does give say quality straight from taking them out of the box (as you would expect from all Nike gear). Fit wise I would say they are slightly smaller than the nano 4’s not by much but they are definitely smaller.

My first impressions when putting them on for the first time was that they feel very different. The support of the shoe if what separates these from the traditional reebok. They keep your feet grounded and have no side roll. I’m looking forward to hitting a few workouts with them at the weekend!!

Daniel Bloom

First impressions they look awesome! Not only do they look good but they feel good too. The fit is nice and tight and gives you a real sense of support. Unlike nanos your foot doesn’t really move sidewards as much, giving good support to your ankle. The slightly higher heel helps with depth and Olympic lifts and is also very solid to give you great stability. While the toe is still flexible for all movements that you would come across crossfitting. Size wise mine are half a size smaller as I have really slim feet and nike are usually big fitting for me. Overall great shoe.

Matthew Sleight

Initial feel of the metcon was very good, they are much more compact compared to any other training shoe that I have worn previously, giving a lot of stability even when just walking. They are very comfortable to wear and very lightweight.

Paul Sizer

I love the look of the Metcons, I went with the Grey/Volt colour which is a little different from my usual colour choices (Black nano’s). They look and feel really well made, I wasn’t sure from the pictures I had seen what the front of the shoe was going to feel like and if it was going to be durable enough for rope climbs. The front of the shoe (upper) feels nice and soft and has some sort of protective coating apart from the vented area of the toe. The vented area has a slightly different feel than the vented area on the nano 2.0; it seems to be more tightly knit together. I assume they have done numerous amounts of tests and will hold up to rope climbs but I assume only time will tell with this.

They fit exactly the same as my nano 4.0 nice and snug (both are an eight) and feel just as wide. One thing I have noticed with the Metcon is that they seem to lock your feet down and stop a lot of the side play you get with the nano, this will have something to do with the flywire cables that tighten with the lacing system.

Even though they look a little like a running shoe from some of the pictures with the curved forefoot they feel flat to the floor, not at all like you want to come up onto your toes like you would if you were wearing running shoes. From first feel I haven’t really noticed a difference in the heel to toe drop like a few people mentioned. This might be different when I come to squatting in them.

Nike Metcon – Feel During Workouts, Weightlifting, Squatting and Running

Stephen Sizer

After having battle tested the Nike Metcon by putting them through a series of gruelling workouts including heavy thrusters, millions of wall balls, power snatches, burpees, heavy squats, box jumps its safe to say I am truly sold by the shoes. They are bomb proof. My feet feel so secure and i have no fear or even worry that the shoes will fail on me. I can just concentrate on the workout! During back squats I had a solid base and the firmness of the heel was great.

I think the Nano 4.0 and Nike Metcon are both great shoes. For me the Metcon is just that bit better just because it is almost impossible to feel like you are going to collapse your ankle in these which leads to better mechanics and stability. They just seem an all round better shoe even for olympic lifting.

The only problem I have now is I want more pairs!!!!

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Daniel Bloom

After my positive first impressions of the Nike Metcon, I’m happy to say they didn’t disappoint when testing their performance. The feel of stability was carried into the workout and made you feel that your feet were in a strong stable position. Flexibility in the toes was great while still keeping firm when needed e.g. Olympic lifting.

When squatting they offered a lot of support to my arches which stopped my ankle collapsing on the inside, which for me was a great plus compared to my nanos. The heels were firm to give a solid platform but where also very accommodating when performing movements such as box jumps. I’d say the greatest characteristic is how stable and supported you feel during your workouts, and the overall comfort of the shoe no matter what WOD you are hitting. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is debating whether to buy a pair or not. They’re worth every penny!

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Matthew Sleight

Working out in the Nike Metcon has been a step up compared to the nano 4 in my opinion. The Metcon offers so much more stability overall giving it the feel of a lifting shoe, my feet feel planted to the floor and give a great platform.

They are also extremely lightweight, much lighter than I expected them to feel. The grip on the inside and outside of the shoe is also perfect for rope climbs, making a standard rope climb much easier.

When you first put the Metcon’s on, they fit extremely tight, however after a short period of time they fit perfectly and this happens every time I wear them. They are very comfortable overall and do not hurt my feet no matter what I’m doing, whether running or lifting. Only downside that I have come across is that they gave me blisters however I think that was just the new show effect. Overall a great shoe to workout out and would definitely recommend them!

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Nike Metcon – Silent Update and New Colours

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Dan one of our athletes managed to get hold of the new Daring Red/Blue Graphite/Hot Lava Metcons one thing we know about Dan is that he can never have enough trainers! Once Dan got these we noticed there were a few slight updates that haven’t really been shouted about.

The updates we noticed are:

  • The mesh front above the toes has changed to have a slight protective coating.
  • The front of the shoe has a more durable harder plastic coating

This is great news, none of us over at CrossFit Hull have not had any issues with our Metcons, but there are a few pictures on the internet. I really like that Nike have done this and it shows they are listening to the feedback from Atheletes and its customers. Instead of maybe making these changes on the 2.0 they snuck this in without any visual change.


Let us know what you thought of the review, or if you have a pair yourself let us know in the comments what you think. Likewise if you have any questions please feel free to hit us up in the comments and we will try and answer best we can.

Thanks for reading.

– Team CrossFit Hull