CrossFit WOD, October 4, 2019

Friday 4th October 2019

15 burpees
3 rounds using an empty barbell
5 power clean
5 front squats
5 push press
5 back squats
5 push press behind the neck

stretch hips after first set
stretch shoulders after second set
glute activation after 3rd set.

Heavy day.

Building to a heavy bear complex to start. These are push press and NOT push jerks.
Look for good technique and movement before increasing weight.

Then an AMRAP using 85% of your heaviest complex, this should feel heavy, but it wouldn’t be Crossfit if we didn’t throw in some bar over burpees. This if heavy lifting under fatigue. Again look for good technique over rushing your reps.

Bear Complex (Build to a heavy complex)
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press

These are PUSH Press, push jerks wil be no repped.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
8 min AMRAP of Bear complex at 85% of you above weight.

After every 3 complex complete 4 bar over burpees.

Score is rounds and reps. If it gets to 8 minutes and you have completes 12 complex and done your power clean and front your score is 12+2. Each movement is worth 1 rep.

RX if completed at your true 85%.