CrossFit WOD, October 1, 2019

Tuesday 1st October 2019

3 rounds
10 alt lunge with dislocate
10 plate GTOH
10 PVC OH squats

3 min pulling EMOM,
shoulder and hip stretch between sets

Heavy OH squats to start, These are a movement that may come up in the open that we dont do as regular as other squats. If your good at them use this time to build to a heavy 3 or look to get into good positions working on mobility.

The wod is a benchmark and is the same rep scheme as DT. Scale the weight as needed, and if you can TRY the OH squats.

If you have no intenton of every doing an OH squat then go front squats and hang power cleans.

Overhead Squat (Build to a heavy 3 reps)
15 mins to find a heavy 3 reps.

If you struggle with OH squats use this time to practice, work on mobility and get into the position.

Bartender (Time)
5 rounds for time

12 Deadlifts 52.5/37.5kg
9 OH squats
6 Hang power snatch

14 min cap

Similar to the barbell wod DT, but requires more skill and mobility.
Look to pick a weight that you can do each movement in no more than 2 sets.