CrossFit WOD, November 12, 2019

Tuesday 12th November 2019

25/18 cals on your chosen machine
2 rounds
5 walk outs
20 DUs (30 singles)
10 hollow rocks
1 min dead hang from the bar.

Basic gymnastics to start. If you struggle to get into a handstand hold try wall walk or barbell OH hold. Tis is working shoulder strength and stability. Into strict pulling.

Conditioning to follow. Skipping to get the heart rate up, followed by gymnastics the max calories. Which ever option you choose, go hard on the machine and you will get fitter.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
10 min EMOM

1 – 40 sec Handstand hold
2 – 30 sec Max strict pull up

1 – 40 sec handstand hold
2 – 30 sec Max ring row

Handstand hold must be held for the duration to get the RX+ or RX.

Either of these pulling movements will get you stronger.
Pull ups – make sure your arms fully extended at the bottom and that your chin is going over the bar.
Ring row – top of rings at hip height and feet directly under the rings as a good standard.

We normally wouldn’t score something like this BUT we have found that if its not scored some people tend to sandbag the basics. If you don’t want to score this and concentrate on the movements then feel free.

Metcon (Calories)
20 min EMOM

1 – 50 DUs
2 – 15 T2B
3 – Max cal on any machine.
4 – rest

1 – 30 DUs
2 – 7 T2B + 14 Sit ups
3 – Max cal on any machine
4 – rest

Scale to 75-100 singles depending on how quick you are with these.

Scale to either kipping knee raise or kipping high feet. Look to maintain the kip throughout.

The minutes max cals should be around 80% effort. That minutes rest soon comes round.

Score is total calories after all 5 rounds and we will not what machine you used.