CrossFit WOD, June 12, 2019

Wednesday 12th June 2019

30 seconds on assault bike
30 seconds off
x 4
increase speed each round. Start steady finish with a near enough sprint.

2 rounds
2 length walking lunge
10 jumping pull ups or ring rows
after 2 rounds
1 min bar hang to stretch lats.

Every 2 minutes x 4
Max strict pull ups into quad and hamstring stretches.

Today is all about SPRINTS.
6 in total, give each one your all and add calories up after all 6 rounds.
Make sure you have a good stretch and loosen your quads off before starting.

Once finished 200m walk kicking you heels to your butt cheeks.

60 second death sprints. (Calories)
1 min death sprints
6 rounds

60 seconds max calories assault bike.

5 minutes rest

Score is total calories after all rounds.

Give each round your all. Dont pace it, just GO and obviosly you will slow down but just dig in.